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PATRIOTIC HIGHWAY is a journey in to the complexity of society after the conflict, where simple truths are turned upside down. And the erratic sourrounding of a milstone court case, run by the European Union institution Eulex. Who is innocent? And what motivation forms the road to reach your goals? Welcome to Kosovo.


Dear Crew, I can’t thank you enough for standing committed the whole way through to make this happen. No crew, no film. It begins with someone who trust in your idea and in you. Ove Rishøj Jensen as producer and Jesper Osmund as editor, both on script - you have worked tirelessly with this project since the beginning. Fun, tough, unforgettable process of exploring together how high and deep we can reach. What a ride of learning and having too much danish pastry and fanta lemon.


It’s a special bond with those who you share the actual scene of events. Solid as rocks and my creative force on set - Gazmend Bajri, Fatos Bytyci, Jon Rudberg and Per Sjöborg. I carry with me so many great memories from Kosovo. Per’s last instagram photo in life happens to be from Gothenburg. A bittersweet sunset, a few steps from where we celebrated the premiere. We carry your creative spirit forever with us Per, full of life, always in my heart.


Magnus Gertten, Joakim Polling and Sebastian Claesson - you made me feel like home at Auto Images. Always close by to bounce ideas, flip out, logging strange formats and stuff many gigabytes in avid, as well as at hand as psychotherapists when the going gets tough (oh yeah, there’s been disilussioned moments).


All drained after reaching the final cut of the film, I left the city for post production by the Norwegian mountains. Saviour of the soul! Grading made by Cato Lauvli, and composing of music and sound mix by Audun Kvitland Røstad, Jørgen Meyer and Geir Døhlie Gjerdsjø at Ambolt Audio made the film look and sound amazing.

Thanks for deep talks and translation by Yllka Sfishta and Enis Salifi, the cool graphic design by Johanna Stark, post production coordinating by Haakon Øyaas Wuttudal, Swedish subtitling by Thomas Löwhagen, English subtitling by Ingrid Eng, developement producing by Lennart Ström, and film trailer by Phil Jandaly.


Dear Crew, You have all challenged me to push forward, to never give up, and you have always been there when I needed. You’re so freaking awesome!

All this time spent, and great competences onboard, had not been possible without support. A Big Thank You: Christian Falch & Torstein Parelius at UpNorth Film, Lisa Nyed at Film i Skåne, Charlotte Gry Madsen at SVT, Erkko Lyytinen at Yle, Klara Grunning at SFI, Helle Hansen & Fridrik Hilmarsson Mar at Norsk filminstitutt, Jannicke Systad Jacobsen at Midtnorsk Filmsenter, Stiftelsen Fritt Ord, Konstnärsnämnden, Helsingborgs stad Department of Culture & Boost Hbg. International sales: Stefan Kloos, Anja Dziersk & Diana Karklin, Rise and Shine World Sales.