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A high-ranking international lawyer, a war hero, and a bribe scandal in Europe's youngest nation. Judge Marie Tuma sets out to uphold justice where society have succumbed to greed. When war hero and former minister Fatmir Limaj faces judge Marie Tuma in a prestigious international corruption trial, she is confronted by doubtful witnesses, political pressure, and erratic surroundings. Along the way the truth becomes increasingly blurred, as the determined Fatmir Limaj challenges every preconception of the case. This is a tale about justice, corruption and the road to a newborn nation.

Documentary • 68 minutes • 2019

Director: Caroline Troedsson. Produced by Auto Images. 


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The film closely follows Zlatan, from his debut with the Malmö FF team in 1999 through his conflict-ridden years with Ajax Amsterdam, and up to his final breakthrough with Juventus in 2005. Becoming Zlatan is a coming-of-age film that captures the complicated journey of this young, talented and troubled player as he becomes a superstar in the international football world.

Documentary • 96 minutes • 2016

Directors: Magnus Gertten & Fredrik Gertten.

Produced by Auto Images & WG Film.

Creative collaboration with Produktionskollektivet on


Ella Nordlund is 7 years old when she without expecting it, is taken from her family and the apartment in Helsingborg. This leads to a sudden rise through society's classes. The diary of Ella Nordlund becomes our unique glimpse into a child's memory from the beginning of our previous century. Her daughter Sigbrit is reading notes from the time growing up, starting in 1910. The film is based on the book 'Under knapphetens stjärna – en flickas uppväxt i Helsingborg 1903-21”.

Documentary • 9 minutes • 2019

Directors: Anna Lindgren, Anja Barte Telin, Caroline Troedsson.

Produced by: Produktionskollektivet & Wiggentreefilm.

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On April 28, 1945, life begins again. Hundreds of survivors from the German concentration camps arrive to the harbour of Malmö, Sweden. While they take their first steps in freedom Swedish news photographers film them. Now, 70 years later the survivors are watching this archive footage for the very first time and as they discover themselves they re-experience the emotions from this special day. Moments and scenes also taking place all over the world today.

Documentary • 73 minutes • 2015

Director: Magnus Gertten. Produced by Auto Images.

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The rock band North America has invested everything in its music for 17 years, but the big breakthrough has not come true and the members are thinking of disbanding. All of a sudden they get an invitation to a mysterious talent show weekend. 

Comedy, Drama • 99 minutes • 2012

Director: Robert Lillhonga. Produced by Hype Story.

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How safe is the air we breathe on a plane? Every day, 11 million people fly across the globe, unaware that the air in the cabin may contain dangerous toxins. For the past 18 years, Captain Tristan Loraine has been collecting evidence and testimonies from crew members and passengers who have suffered this unspoken consequence of flying.

Everybody Flies discloses never-before-seen documentation, scientific findings, and personal accounts relating to the controversial issue of cabin air quality.

Documentary • 2019

Director: Tristan Loraine & Beth Moran.

Produced by Fact Not Fiction Films.