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I’m always drawn back behind the camera to frame the situations and persons right here and now. That’s where I find myself most of my time today. Like when I climbed trees to find new angles on what had become too predictable – film is my window to explore our brief moment on Earth.

Based in the south of Sweden. Hooked on real life stories, to go deep into fragments of society, and to create visual moments that will last. Get in touch if you feel inspired to collaborate ☆



The camera let me grasp life, the beauty, and what is frail and difficult to capture in words. I’ve been living with Patriotic Highway since first shooting days in Kosovo in 2015. Years of facing a new level of complex context. It’s a strong persevering team effort which makes it possible for the film to meet its audience 2019. Recently I’ve been one of the cinematographers of Every Face Has a Name and Becoming Zlatan. At the moment I’m DoP in ongoing productions with director Magnus Gertten, produced by Auto Images.


My background is as coach in young creator’s projects, practical positions in bigger film crews, and as director and DoP in a number of shorts for clients. I started off inspired by storytellers in my childhood surroundings far out in deep forests of northern Skåne,  Sweden. My studies in business and economics, with a master’s in Service Management from Lund University 2007, was a brief shift of focus. Since then it's been all about filmmaking.