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SOMLIGA GÅR MED TRASIGA SKOR (2023) *Cinematographer

Nearly forty years after his death, Cornelis Vreeswijk is still one of the greatest icons in Swedish music. The poor immigrant guy from Holland became widely popular and topped the charts, but did also create scandals with his stormy private life. A multi-faceted portrait of an artist who until the end fought to give voice to society's weak and broken. Very likely because, despite his success, he was always one of them. A film by Magnus Gertten.

DAGAR UTAN DIG (2023) *Co-director and Cinematographer

Betlehem Isaak söker efter sin pappa, den svensk-eritreanske journalisten och författaren Dawit Isaak. Hon träffar de människor som kände honom i Sverige och hennes mamma Sofia uttalar sig för första gången sedan 2005. Filmen blir ett löfte om att tystnaden aldrig ska segra. Men det är också en film om att vara dotter, mamma och att sakna en morfar.

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NELLY & NADINE (2022) *Cinematographer

Nelly & Nadine is a remarkable story about war sufferings, mysteries, love against all odds, the healing power of music, well kept secrets, and the complicated family stories of concentration camp survivors, still trying to deal with the ghosts of the past. A film by Magnus Gertten.

ALL SHALL BE WELL (2021) *Cinematographer

En film om dem som i det tysta plockar upp efter oss andra. Yonas Albawi är den populäre fastighetsvärden som sliter hårt för att hålla ordning kring bostadsområdet Planteringen i Helsingborg. Han älskar sitt jobb, men när han på måndagsmorgnarna möts av kaoset i soprummen testas hans tålamod. En film av Magnus Gertten.


A real-life thriller about love, betrayal, spies, assassins and the young woman Dilya's unbreakable hope for her brother. He is locked in a desert prison called "The Place of No Return". It has brutal consequences for Dilya, that she challenges the dictatorship of her home country to get her brother free. So she escapes, only to soon realise, that the regime is much closer than she can imagine. A film by Magnus Gertten.

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PATRIOTIC HIGHWAY (2019) *Director

Judge Marie Tuma sets out to uphold justice where society have succumbed to greed. When war hero and former minister Fatmir Limaj faces judge Marie Tuma in a prestigious international corruption trial, she is confronted by doubtful witnesses, political pressure, and erratic surroundings. Along the way the truth becomes increasingly blurred, as the determined Fatmir Limaj challenges every preconception of the case. This is a tale about justice, corruption and the road to a newborn nation.

EVERY FACE HAS A NAME (2015) *One of the Cinematographers

On April 28, 1945, life begins again. Hundreds of survivors from the German concentration camps arrive to the harbour of Malmö, Sweden. While they take their first steps in freedom Swedish news photographers film them. Now, 70 years later the survivors are watching this archive footage for the very first time and as they discover themselves they re-experience the emotions from this special day. All united in the moment of freedom. Moments and scenes also taking place all over the world today. Faces without names. A film by Magnus Gertten.

BECOMING ZLATAN (2015) *One of the cinematographers

Becoming Zlatan is a coming-of-age film that captures the complicated journey of this young, talented and troubled player as he becomes a superstar in the international football world. It’s a story about a young talent living under constant pressure. When he finally succeeds in Italy, he also becomes much more private. Soccer superstar Zlatan Ibrahimović is an enigma, but in this story from his breakthrough years, he gives us a glimpse at who he really is – if even just for a moment. A film by Magnus Gertten and Fredrik Gertten.

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More About Me

Hooked on real life stories. Based in the south of Sweden.

I released my first feature documentary PATRIOTIC HIGHWAY in 2019. The film premiered at Gothenburg International Film Festival. Among other places the film screened at cph:dox, Nordisk Panorama and was awarded a special mention at AJB DOC in Sarajevo. The film was broadcasted at SVT and YLE as well as worldwide by the Witness strand at Al Jazeera English.

I regularly work as Cinematographer. Most recently on SOME OF US WALK IN RAGGEDY SHOES (2023) by Magnus Gertten, and the short documentary DAGAR UTAN DIG /DAYS WITHOUT YOU (2023) for SVT, which I co-directed with Betlehem Isaak. I'm proud I got the opportunity to join as DOP together with the great team behind creating NELLY & NADINE (2022) which premiered at Berlinale and won the Teddy Award, and ONLY THE DEVIL LIVES WITHOUT HOPE (2020) which premiered at cph:dox. Both films directed by Magnus Gertten. I have the privilege to nurture my fascination for investigative journalism as DOP on the Swedish series UPPDRAG GRANSKNING at SVT, and also have experience of educational films from the well received series AFTER THE FLIGHT (2020) directed by René Bo Hansen. 

My background is as Director and Director of Photography in a number of shorts for clients, coach in young creator’s projects, and practical positions in bigger film crews. I started off inspired by storytellers in my childhood surroundings in the deep forests of northern Skåne, Sweden. My studies in business and economics was a brief shift of focus. Since 2006 it's been all about filmmaking. 

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